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Clicking Add will allow ZenHub features to run natively in your GitHub user interface.

Native within GitHub

ZenHub is more than “integrated”: it runs natively in GitHub’s interface. Stop context switching with third-party tools and unite your team where they already work: GitHub.

Real-time Task Boards

Manage your projects with powerfully simple ZenHub Boards. Connect multiple repositories in one Task Board – and watch as your issues drag-and-drop to the Closed pipeline!

Robust Features

ZenHub is a full-featured project management tool. Work faster and more productively with integrated file sharing within GitHub, instant +1 peer feedback, a host of shortcuts, and more.


Thousands of people building great products trust ZenHub for their workflows. Here’s why.

The best way to manage any project

Organize, prioritize, and visualize entire projects without leaving GitHub. ZenHub’s Task Boards are your team’s real-time project management hub – whether your workflow is Scrum, Kanban, or totally custom. Press b in any repository to instantly access Task Boards, populated with your issues.

  • Track issues across your organization: Task Boards support multiple repos
  • Pre-built, but fully customizable: Reorder, Add, or Rename your Pipelines
  • Powerful focus: Filter Boards by Repo, Label, Milestone or Assignee

Individual developer productivity

ZenHub injects a host of features into your GitHub UI. The result? Each efficiency-boosting feature adds up to a measurable increase in productivity, every single day.

  • Integrated file sharing within GitHub – Upload any file type to Amazon S3
  • +1 Instant Feedback – Stop cluttered issues and focus discussion
  • Rapid Repo Switcher – Filter, search and switch repositories instantly

Get more out of GitHub

Make the most of your existing investment in GitHub. Centralize your team in one tool to plan marketing campaigns and events; manage recruiting and product launch tasks; streamline HR, content creation, and more.

  • Manage your Task Boards within GitHub issues with the Pipeline Selector
  • Check the Notification Centre to see what your team is doing, from anywhere
  • Have a feature idea that would optimize your workflow? Tell us about it!

Total project management

ZenHub’s extensive feature set empowers teams from Enterprise giants to the open source development community. More features include a quick repo switcher, Issue export for administrators – and more being developed all the time. Visit our Features page to learn more!

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Here you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions. Before emailing or tweeting us, take a look through, as the help you need is likely already here waiting for you.

  • What is ZenHub?-+
    ZenHub is a browser extension that injects advanced functionality seamlessly into the GitHub interface, making centralized collaboration on GitHub faster, more visual, and less cluttered. With ZenHub installed, your team has no excuse for using any tool other than GitHub, keeping your workflow lean and agile.
  • Is ZenHub available on browsers other than Chrome?-+
    Currently the ZenHub extension is only available in the Chrome store for the Google Chrome browser. Firefox support is next! Feel free to visit our public repo to add a request for any other browser https://github.com/zenhubio/support/issues/30.
  • How do I know that ZenHub is installed?-+
    You will see a new black-and-white ZenHub ("ZH" logo) button added to the right of your address bar in Chrome. Clicking this button will show you the most recent updates to the repos you are watching.
  • How do I know if I have the latest version?-+
    Chrome will automatically update your extension, however this is not instantaneous. To manually update you can go to chrome://extensions in your browser > Check “Developer Mode” > Click “Update extensions now”.
  • What happens if I am on a computer without Zenhub installed?-+
    You will be able to access Github in its original form and all of your data will be saved safely, however ZenHub features will not be available until you install the browser extension.
  • How do I invite others to use ZenHub on my repo?-+
    You can direct them to ZenHub.io - once they have installed the extension, as long as they have access to your repo, they will be able to view your boards, receive notifications, populate +1s, and take advantage of other ZenHub features.
  • Can other users +1 my issues and comments?-+
    ZenHub integrates natively with GitHub permissions: as long as users have permission to view your repo and they have ZenHub installed they will be able to +1. To let your repo's users know you are powered by ZenHub add the following snippet to your repo’s README.md file:
    <a href="http://zenhub.io" target="_blank"><img src="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ZenHubIO/support/master/zenhub-badge.png" height="18px" alt="Powered by ZenHub"/></a>
  • How can I report a bug, give feedback, or submit a feature request?-+
    Visit our public repo and create an issue at zenhub.io/support! Also be sure to encourage others to +1 your issue to move it up the pipeline!
  • What are the details of ZenHub's GitHub access permissions?-+
    ZenHub is committed to keeping your code and information safe, including full AES 256-bit encryption.

    For more, please see our Privacy page and Terms of Service.
  • How do ZenHub permissions work?-+
    The ZenHub Board for a given repository can be viewed by anyone with read/pull access to that repository. Any GitHub user that can view and clone the repository will be able to view the Board.

    ZenHub Board issue manipulation/reprioritization can be performed by anyone with Write and Admin access to the repository. Any GitHub user that can push to the repository will be able to edit a ZenHub Board for that repository.
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