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Native within GitHub

ZenHub is more than “integrated”: it runs natively in GitHub’s interface. Stop context switching with third-party tools and unite your team where they already work: GitHub.


Real-time Task Boards

Manage your projects with powerfully simple ZenHub Boards. Connect multiple repositories in one Task Board – and watch as your issues drag-and-drop to the Closed pipeline!


Increase Velocity

ZenHub is a full-featured project management tool. Track your velocity with Burndown Charts, integrated file sharing in GitHub, instant +1 peer feedback, a host of shortcuts, and more.


Zenhub features

Transform GitHub into a full-featured project management solution. ZenHub’s features display directly in GitHub’s UI.

Task Boards

Project Visualization

Organize and visualize entire projects without leaving GitHub: ZenHub’s Task Boards are your team’s project management hub. Boards make organization-wide prioritization simple by connecting several repos in one place, yet adapt to any workflow with powerful filters and a customizable layout.


Burndown Charts

Track Velocity

Help your team achieve sprint goals with ZenHub’s Burndown Charts, populated with your team’s GitHub issues. Stay on track by attaching story points to issues, setting Milestone start and end dates, and visualizing your remaining work.


File Uploads

In any format

Centralize file sharing in GitHub! ZenHub enables file uploads of any type directly within issues. Drag and drop multiple files into comments – or click the Powered by ZenHub box – to upload requirement documentation, data, and analytics in seconds, securely to Amazon S3.

More features

Rapid Repo Switcher

Filter and switch repositories instantly with the Repo Switcher – and many more time-saving shortcuts


Notification Center

Click the browser button to see what your team is doing right now, from anywhere on the web


+1 Instant Feedback

Declutter comments, focus discussion, and vote on issues with instant peer feedback


Pipeline selector

Organize and manage ZenHub’s Task Boards right from GitHub issues

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Add ZenHub to GitHub


ZenHub is trusted by industry giants


“Zenhub has made our workflow simple and organized.”

Ranu Rajkarnikar, ustwo
Creators of Monument Valley

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“ZenHub created a work environment where engineers take ownership over what they’re building.”

Christina Lucey, Cotap
Secure Enterprise Mobile Messaging

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“Adding ZenHub to our team has resulted in a huge improvement to our workflow.”

Chris Balt, Microsoft


“ZenHub keeps our large and complex set of work streams (across several teams) well organized and clear for production team members and collaborators alike.”

Shezad Morani,


“We love the simplicity of ZenHub and the transparency it gives to technical and non-technical members of the team. Individual designers, developers, and writers can act autonomously with full visibility into where their work fits in with the rest of the team.”

Ian Yamey, PolicyGenius


“ZenHub adds a product management layer on top of Github that we now can't imagine living without.”

Michael Horn, Craft Coffee

Add ZenHub to GitHub

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